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'World's best' peanut butter from New Zealand spreads to Fort Worth

'World's best' peanut butter from New Zealand spreads to Fort Worth

Fix & Fogg Blake Lupton
Blake Lupton is leading Fix & Fogg's U.S. efforts. Courtesy of Fix & Fogg
Fix & Fogg super chunky peanut butter
Behold "Super Chunky." Photo by Eric Sandler
Fix & Fogg Blake Lupton
Fix & Fogg super chunky peanut butter

Every week seems to include at least one pitch for some dazzling new product that's just arrived in grocery stores. Generally speaking, it's best to ignore them; they'll likely be gone just as quickly as they've debuted.

However, a pitch that includes the phrase "world's best peanut butter" — well, that's a bold enough claim to merit a closer look.

Fix & Fogg’s high-end peanut butters have been a hit in their native New Zealand and attracted a cult following on Amazon where they've earned a solid 4-star rating despite their $13.99 per jar online price tag.

The company has achieved enough success that it has established its first American retail presence in Texas, at Central Market stores — including Fort Worth and Southlake locations. Buying in person has its perks; the jars are $7.99 each.

Lupton says that the secret to great peanut butter starts with great, organically-grown peanuts.

"It's an Argentina-grown peanut," he explains. "They have super-good oil and dark roasts that gave it a bit of flavor."

The peanut-butter is made in Colorado from recipes created in New Zealand, in six flavors:

  • classic smooth
  • super crunchy
  • everything butter
  • smoke and fire
  • dark chocolate
  • coffee and maple

"Smoke and fire" features Hatch chiles from New Mexico and liquid smoke made from manuka wood. Everything butter combines peanut and almond butters with hemp, chia, sesame, sunflower, flax, and pumpkin seeds.

"It's a matter of flavor and quality versus cost," Lupton says. "You can get a $2.99 Jif. When you try this, I think you'll taste the difference."