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Upcoming restaurant adds Mediterranean to menu at Fort Worth's Sundance Square

Upcoming restaurant adds Mediterranean to menu at Sundance Square

Moussaka from Istanbul Grill in Arlington
Istanbul Grill does a version of moussaka with bechamel. Photo courtesy of Istanbul Grill

Sundance Square adds another tasty cuisine to the menu with the arrival of Istanbul Grill, a Turkish-Mediterranean restaurant from Arlington. A second branch will open in the Cassidy Building at 401 Throckmorton St. in February 2017.

"We like to bring new restaurants to Sundance Square that gives visitors the option to choose from a wide variety of cuisine," says Sundance Square president and CEO Johnny Campbell in a release. "Istanbul Grill has a great following and an incredible menu."

Istanbul Grill owner Sam Serdar Sensel and his wife, Dido, opened their first branch in Arlington in 2009. The menu features a wide variety of Mediterranean dishes, such as lentil soup, hummus, falafel, lamb, gyro, eggplant, and salads, plus grilled items like chicken, beef, and seafood.

They offer less-common specialties such as moussaka, a lasagna-style casserole with layers of sliced eggplant and ground beef topped, in Greek fashion, with béchamel sauce.

The Cassidy opened in 2014 in what was previously a parking lot, part of Sundance Square's expansion of three new buildings. The six-story building features four floors of office, first floor of retail, and six luxury penthouse apartments on the top floor. Those have got to be pretty sweet.