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Fort Worth's biggest food truck park on Trinity Trails bites the dust

Fort Worth's biggest food truck park on Trinity Trails bites the dust

Clearfork Food truck
Farewell food trucks. Photo courtesy of Clearfork

After four years as Fort Worth's best known food truck park, Clearfork Food Park, located on the Trinity Trails just off University Drive across from The Fort Worth Zoo, has permanently closed.

This despite every effort to go above and beyond, with its waterfront location, dog-friendly park, live music, variety of food trucks, and scenic environment.

They advertised themselves as an excellent venue for birthday parties, corporate functions, family outings, and team gatherings.

They even had a cantina with beer and wine.

When they were founded at the beginning of 2013, food trucks were still sort of a trendy thing. At their peak, Clearfork would host up to eight trucks with a variety of cuisines and options.

But the buzz on food trucks has dimmed significantly. The average number of trucks congregating there has leveled off to 4 to 5 per day.

For food truck fiends, there is still Fort Worth Food Park, owned by the same folks, but it's only open Friday-Sunday.

The owners did not respond to requests for comment, but their comments on their Facebook page referred to the fact that the landlord would not renew their lease, and that there are plans for a permanent standalone restaurant to be built on the space.