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Celebrity-favored sweet shop dispenses decorated cookies to Southlake

Celebrity-favored sweet shop dispenses decorated cookies to Southlake

Whimsy Cookie Co.
If Reese Witherspoon likes them, then so shall we. Photo courtesy of Whimsy

A cookie company from Tennessee that specializes in decorated cookies is coming to town. Called Whimsy Cookie Company, it'll open a location in Southlake, at 2645 E. Southlake Blvd., in a former location of Pie Five Pizza.

Mother-daughter duo Sharon Hicks and Sheridan Gleason are bringing the concept to Texas. Gleason says they're aiming to open in mid-September.

"My mom and I are co-owners, we wanted to do something together, and that's when we found Whimsy," Gleason says. "She's a lawyer and is business-oriented, and I love to bake and will oversee the baking, so we're a perfect partnership."

Whimsy was founded in Memphis in 2007 by Laurie Suriff, who grew up baking and loved her mother's sugar cookies. The recipe became the foundation for her custom, hand-decorated cookies, which have been shipped everywhere from birthday parties to corporate accounts to celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Tim McGraw.

Part of their celebrity status comes via Suriff's partner Collins Tuohy, sister to football player Michael Oher, whose story was told in the Sandra Bullock film The Blind Side.

Gleason says that the cookies are better than the rest.

"We love the cookies, they're the best cookies," she says. "They're soft. They're not your typical hard sugar cookie. They're melt-in-your-mouth delicious."

"We also like what they embody," she says. "They include the vision for the store at the bottom of every email, it says, 'Faith, family, and whimsy,' and that's what we're about, too."

Their main thing is decorative cookies, with designs that change with the season.

"As we approach fall, we'll have fall-themed cookies, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving," Gleason says. "But we also have what's called an ooey gooey cookie — it's like a mix between cake and a cookie and comes in a variety of flavors, from strawberry to red velvet chocolate chip."

Everything is made in house. In addition to the weekly case cookies customers can select from, they can also do custom baby shower, weddings, and other specialty cookies that are in their book of designs.

In addition to cookies, they'll also have beverages for sale on site. The decor is charming, with pink and white wallpaper, which she describes as "very girly and perfect for your selfies."

"We'll have a great big pink velvet couch where you can sit down and enjoy a cookie if you want, or you can come in and go," she says.