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Latest beer from Fort Worth craft brewery is just like a spicy Michelada

Latest beer from Fort Worth craft brewery is like a spicy Michelada

Martin House bloody mary beer
It's spicy, it's pickly, and it's beer. Photo courtesy of Martin House

Creative Fort Worth craft beer brewer Martin House is chasing the pickle theme one more time with a new pickle beer spinoff.

It's called Best Maid Bloody Mary Pickle Beer, and it is as it sounds: A beer flavored with pickle and tomato juice, sort of like the popular Michelada cocktail, which boasts the classic flavors of a Bloody Mary (tomato, citrus, Worcestershire sauce), with beer in place of vodka, but with a little pickle twist.

The new beer is the latest partnership between Martin House and Fort Worth-based pickle company Best Maid.

The two companies first joined forces in August 2019 with their hugely successful pickle beer, which earned national attention and has been one of their top sellers since they were founded in 2012. The pickle beer has become such a coveted item that they added it to their permanent rotation.

(Best Maid returned the favor by launching the Salty Lady Best Maid Beer Pickle, a dill pickle that uses flavors from Martin House's Salty Lady beer.)

The partnership continued in January 2020 when Martin House released a spicy follow-up called Spicy Pickle Beer, just like the pickle beer but with a spicy-hot tang. This was a limited-edition release, available in cans until March 2020.

Bloody Mary is the third in this series. It first surfaced as a taproom-only special, at their party to introduce the Spicy Pickle Beer. It proved so popular that Martin House decided to do a run.

"We've had a blast exploring new flavors with our friends at Best Maid," their statement says. "One of the most requested flavors we've had so far is Bloody Mary, so we did it."

They're launching the Bloody Mary Pickle Beer on September 21 at 12 noon in the taproom. It will initially be to-go only, as they can't be open for on-premise at the moment, but they promise they will have a few ways to entertain you as you wait to purchase your beers.

The beer will eventually be distributed in cans over the next couple weeks.