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Dallas Cowboys' new menu of stadium snacks adds plant-based options

Dallas Cowboys' new menu of stadium snacks adds plant-based options

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Yummy veggie wrap is on the menu for the new season. Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys revive their now annual tradition of introducing new foods for the 2021-2022 NFL Season at AT&T Stadium. The new items make their debut on Monday, September 27 at the Cowboys' home opener against the Philadelphia Eagles.

In addition to the new menu items, this season will also offer a new set of plant-based offerings, featuring produce grown at WE Over Me Farm at Paul Quinn College in Dallas.

Here are the new menu items:

  • Sumo Hot Dogs. They'll have new Sumo Dog Carts, featuring Nathan's hot dogs with Japanese and Asian-inspired toppings, in 6-inch and 12-inch hot dog sizes.
  • Jumbo Cowboys Cheesesteak. Their existing cheesesteak in a new jumbo portion.
  • Hot Honey Chipotle Chicken Wrap. Chicken tenders, Romaine, pepper jack cheese, hot honey chipotle ranch in a soft garlic flour tortilla.
  • Loaded Cheesesteak Fries. Steak fries, sirloin, onions, and jalapeño jack queso.
  • BBQ Bacon Burger. 10-ounce Angus patty, pepper jack cheese, bacon, fried pickle fries, BBQ Sauce, on a brioche bun.
  • Honey Chipotle Chicken Sandwich. Chicken breast, guacamole, bacon, fried onion straws, on a brioche bun.
  • Pambazo. Mexican sandwich dunked in guajillo sauce, with refried beans, chorizo, potatoes, Oaxaca cheese, lettuce, and sour cream

Plant-Based Offerings
"Plant-Based Touchdown" is a new culinary campaign focusing on the health benefits of fresh produce to inspire African-American, Latino, Native American, and all fans to incorporate more plants in their diet.

Inspired by game day and using produce grown on the Paul Quinn campus in Southern Dallas, the nutritious, low-carb culinary creations developed by Legends Hospitality will be available at concessions on Dallas Cowboys game days during the 2021 NFL season at AT&T Stadium. They'll have recipe cards to hand out.

George Wasai, Director of Food & Beverage for Legends, is leading the Plant-Based Touchdown program, working with Legends at AT&T Stadium Executive Chef Marcelo Vasquez and Executive Concessions Sous Chef Heather Fuller.

The items are available at Plant-Based/Vegetarian Carts located at sections U411 and U441, on a rotating basis from a list that includes:

  • Awesome Plant-Based Burger on a brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, grilled onion and chipotle aioli.
  • Buffalo Chick’n Nachos with blue corn tortilla chips, jalapeño jack queso, and Sweet Earth plant-based chicken tossed in buffalo sauce, with pickled jalapeños.
  • Touchdown Tator Tots with jalapeño jack cheese, guacamole, sour cream, and Sweet Earth plant-based chicken tossed in cholula sauce.
  • Plant-Based Chicken Avocado Wrap with plant-based chicken, avocado, lettuce, and ranch, in a soft tortilla.
  • Plant-Based Chopped Chicken Salad with lettuce, cucumber, tomato, charred corn, plant-based chicken, and black beans.

Returning dishes from previous years include Cowboys Cheesesteak Hand Pie, Korean BBQ Brat, Vegetarian Portobello Burger, Quinoa Salad, Chicken Fajita Salad, Yogurt Parfait, Thai Veggie Wrap with Spicy Peanut Sauce, Mac N Cheese Brisket Cone, Cheetos Mac N Cheese Balls, Ultimate Nachos, Cowboys Cheesesteak, a one-pound Burger, and a Chicken & Waffles Sandwich.