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Cool ice cream concept Lumi Snow closes both Fort Worth-area stores

Cool ice cream concept Lumi Snow closes both Fort Worth-area stores

Lumi Snow
Their shaved snow was lighter and fluffier, like freshly fallen snow. Photo by Lumi Snow

A cool ice cream concept has, sadly, closed up shop: Lumi Snow, which did Taiwanese-style shaved ice at two shops in the Fort Worth area, closed both on September 22.

In good news, not all the sweets are gone: Their sibling concept, an online cookie dough company called The Cookie Dough Store, is still open.

Lumi Snow was a true family-run shop, specializing in an especially creamy shaved ice cream, with over-the-top toppings and drizzles. Husband-and-wife Cody and Lia Carta had a dream to do their spin on Taiwanese "shaved snow," which is softer and fluffier than regular shaved ice; it's frequently compared to freshly fallen snow.

It's also made with milk, which gives it a richer flavor and creamier texture.

The couple opened their first location in 2017 at 7355 N. Beach St., followed by a second in North Richland Hills. They certainly gave it their all. In addition to serving as evangelists for their exotic shaved-ice treat, they introduced new flavors and various dessert spinoffs regularly — whether "crazy" milkshakes topped with cookies and decadent desserts, or mochi ice cream, the exotic bite-sized treat in which a knob of ice cream is enveloped in sweet, chewy, stretchy mochi paste.

They earned nods from local media and praise on sites like Yelp for their attentive customer service and warm, family vibe, with their kids often working in the store with them.

But both stores were in suburban locations without a lot of foot traffic, and in a Facebook post, the owners said that they didn't have enough business.

"We wanted to take this time to thank all of our amazing customers," they said. "You have no idea what this once in a life time experience did for our family the last 4 years. Our kids learned work ethic and team effort, lessons that were priceless to them. We learned what it means to throw your hearts and guts over the line and go for it with the possibility it might fail. We learned that we will always support small businesses whenever possible."

After they posted news of their looming closure, their two stores were both slammed with business in what has become a frustratingly common theme. But they handled it gracefully.

"Last night was humbling," they posted. "You showed up (like pretty much all of you) and your whole family, and maybe even random people off the street. It was the busiest day we have ever had. Due to the circumstances, we unfortunately were not prepared to handle the crowds so we enlisted our siblings and kids. At one point, our 6 year old was independent working the front counter. Everyone was so patient and kind even when we occasionally fell apart in tears as you told us stories of your favorite Lumi memories."