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Pretty macarons from New York land a shop at Grapevine Mills mall

Pretty macarons from New York land a shop at Grapevine Mills mall

Woops macarons
It's always good to have some macarons on hand. Photo courtesy of Woops

Macarons, the cute and colorful little sandwich cookies of French origin, are about to touch down at the Grapevine Mills mall, via a New York chain called Woops!.

That exclamation point is not meant to convey excitement about their arrival, although it certainly is good news if you like macarons. Woops! is one of those companies raising havoc with punctuation by putting an exclamation point in its name. Sorry, Woops!, but from here forthwith, all iterations of Woops will appear exclamation-free.

Woops describes itself as the largest retailer of macarons in the U.S. Their flavors include basics such as strawberry and chocolate, along with distinctive flavors such as blueberry cheesecake, lychee rose, mojito, vanilla latte, mint chocolate, and mojito.

The Grapevine Mills store is actually a kiosk located between the Ann Taylor factory store and the Nautica store, and is owned and operated by Lily Cao and Grace Kim, two pharmacists who are also longtime friends.

Cao says in a statement that Woops is "unlike anything in the area."

"It's not just another chain," she says. "Aside from the unique aesthetic, Woops serves delicious and typically unattainable items: from macarons to cremebellos and various other desserts in between."

Woops was founded as a macaron pop-up shop at the Holiday Shops in New York City's Bryant Park. In nine weeks, they sold 100,000 macarons and developed a cult-like following due to the macarons and aesthetic. Building on that momentum, the founders opened boutique mall kiosks in major malls throughout the Northeast.

There are currently six Woops kiosks in Texas — in Houston, San Antonio, and Laredo.

Gifts are a big portion of the business, for weddings, showers, business meetings, or client gifts. For events, Woops creates eye-catching macaron pyramids, gift boxes, party favors, and customized macarons with company logos.

Woops will open in mid-October, and its hours will be Monday-Saturday from 10 am-9 pm, and Sunday from 11 am-7 pm.