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Tacos and margaritas debut at new West Seventh Fort Worth taqueria

Tacos and margaritas debut at new West Seventh Fort Worth taqueria

Maestro tacos
The restaurant will pay homage to the chef's hometown Monterrey. Courtesy photo

UPDATE: Maestro Tacos will open Thursday, October 29, a restaurant spokeswoman confirms.


There's a new taqueria coming to town from a newcomer on the scene: Called Maestro Tacos, it'll open in the West Seventh District in November.

It's taking over the space at 3011 Bledsoe St., previously occupied by OMG Tacos, which closed in spring 2020 after three years. It'll be next door to Ampersand, the acclaimed coffee bar, which is also its sibling.

Maestro's will be a modern taqueria and margarita bar, with a fast-casual service style. The concept is led by Miguel Mendoza, an immigrant who, before he moved to the U.S., was a butcher in Monterrey, Mexico, and also owned a taco stand.

The goal of the taqueria is to summon the flavors of Mendoza's hometown. Everything will be made in-house, from handmade tortillas to fresh salsa.

The menu will highlight family recipes and local ingredients, with a lineup that includes:

  • Birria
  • Carnitas
  • Barbacoa
  • Pollo asado
  • Trompo, the slow-roasted, marinated pork al pastor served with pineapple

There'll be margaritas as well as a selection of mezcal and tequila; aqua frescas will be offered seasonally.

Mendoza will oversee the food operation, while the bar will be managed by the team behind Ampersand, says Toan Luong, who owns the coffee bar with a group of friends. They got to know Mendoza after he helped them build out Ampersand.

They say the atmosphere will be welcoming and vibrant, true to a Mexico City taqueria. Elements will include an open-air patio with comfortable seating and ambient lighting. The patio is new: It's being installed in front of the taqueria, and will bridge with the patio in front of Ampersand, creating one extended outdoor seating area where you can have coffee, a margarita, taco, whatever you like.

The tacos will be cheap, averaging around $1.50, Luong says. "We're in a bar area, and that's what people want when they leave the bar, to come and get a taco," he says. They'll be open until 3 am Thursdays through Saturdays.

"Fresh ingredients and fantastic service are what we’re built on," Mendoza says.