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Fort Worth’s Sundance Square suffers sweet sorrow with this closure

Fort Worth’s Sundance Square suffers sweet sorrow with this closure

Original Cupcakery
Cupcakes are out at Sundance Square. Photo courtesy of Original Cupcakery

Downtown Fort Worth has suffered a cupcake loss with the departure of the Original Cupcakery, which had been in Sundance Square for five years. The bakery closed on October 15, when the lease ended.

"We're sad to leave, but the lease was up, and to be honest, the store wasn't doing that well," said an employee at the store in Dallas, who also said there were no plans to reopen elsewhere in Fort Worth.

The Original Cupcakery debuted in Dallas more than seven years ago, making cupcakes, cake bites, and other custom treats, baked daily, with cake and icing made in house. They also opened a branch in Frisco, which has since closed.

Signature cupcakes include the Kir Royale, a raspberry-champagne flavored cupcake, and the Boston Dream Pie, like a cupcake version of the famed Boston Cream Pie cake, with vanilla cake, vanilla filling, and chocolate icing.

Although cupcakes as a trend has peaked slightly, people are still buying them. However, the fortunes of the Fort Worth store weren't helped by the entry of a Red Mango-Nestlé Toll House Cafe by Chip store right next door.

That store opened on December 30 in a former Yumilicious, in a sweet strip that also includes Schakolad Chocolate Factory. Most of those do not compete directly. But if you had a sweet tooth, would you spend $3.50 on a cupcake or $2 on a cookie?