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Fort Worth gets first taste of Nashville hot chicken chain from L.A.

Fort Worth gets first taste of Nashville hot chicken chain from L.A.

Dave's Hot Chicken
Behold, Dave's. Photo courtesy of Dave's

A Nashville hot chicken place from Los Angeles is making its move on Fort Worth: Called Dave's Hot Chicken, it's a fast-casual chain which will open its first restaurant in Tarrant County at 4608 Bryant Irvin Rd. #430, in a former Schlotzsky's, which closed in 2020.

According to a company representative, the restaurant will open on November 11.

Dave's was founded by chef Dave Kopushyan and three friends in 2017, who opened it initially as a parking lot pop-up. There are now locations up and down the West coast, plus Toronto, Chicago, Las Vegas, and Denver.

They made their Texas debut in Dallas in 2021, and have since opened locations in Plano and Houston, met with the kind of buzz that can only be generated by #1 a concept from California, and #2 a hot chicken concept. Those two together make for an incendiary mix.

Dave's specializes in hot chicken tenders and sliders, plus sides such as kale slaw, mac & cheese, crispy fries, and cheese fries.

A No. 1 combo comes with two tenders, crinkle-cut fries, bread, and pickles. No. 2 is sliders with fries: They put those tenders on hamburger buns. No. 3 is one of each, tender and slider.

There are the obligatory spice levels, although Dave's exceeds the standard 3 or 4 spice levels you find at these places with seven spice levels, beginning with no spice, which is really not a spice level at all, followed by lite mild, mild, medium, hot, extra hot, and reaper, which one presumes is extra extra hot. Imagine being behind an indecisive person trying to decide between lite mild, mild, and medium, you know it's going to happen.

They also have milkshakes with real ice cream in your basic choc-van-straw trio of flavors.

Dave's Hot Chicken is being brought to Fort Worth by franchisee Patrick Woodson. The plan is to open 12 locations in Tarrant County, and there's already another in the works: on Cockrell Avenue near TCU coming in late 2021.