Best Tacos in Texas

This Fort Worth taco is as close to perfect as you’ll find in Texas

This Fort Worth taco is as close to perfect as you’ll find in Texas

Revolver Taco Lounge
Revolver Taco Lounge is on Texas Monthly's list of top tacos in the state. Revolver Taco Lounge/Facebook

Well known for its annual barbecue roundupTexas Monthly has turned to tortillas for its latest list: The December issue features the 120 best tacos in the state.

As the cover declares, these are the tacos you "must eat before you die." The magazine recruited a team of 13 people who tasted more than 1,000 tacos from 14 cities in Texas to narrow down the list to 120.

The full list won't be known until the December issue comes out, but the magazine has teased the issue by revealing the top 10, though it does not identify them in order. But editor in chief Brian Sweany does say that these received a "perfect ranking," and that they used an official scorecard during the proceedings.

The top 10 list includes one from Fort Worth: the pato taco from Revolver Taco Lounge.

Revolver Taco Lounge is the popular taqueria from Regino and Sandra Rojas — so popular that it skirted closure earlier this year and is now expanding to Dallas. Its winning taco starts with seared duck breast, then adds roasted poblano peppers, carmelized onions, and salsa.

Revolver also made the "favorite tacos of 2014" list on the Taco Trail, the taco blog by Dallas writer Jose Ralat, who not-so-coincidentally made significant contributions to Texas Monthly's roundup. There, however, Ralat chose the prawn head taco and crowned Revolver "the best taqueria I’ve been to yet in Texas."

Other cities that can claim top 10 tacos are Austin, San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, Brownsville, and El Paso.