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Here's the food Fort Worth just couldn't get enough of in 2015

Here's the food Fort Worth just couldn't get enough of in 2015

East Hampton Sandwich Co.
East Hampton Sandwich Co. was one of Fort Worth's most Favored restaurants in 2015. East Hampton Sandwich Co./Facebook

Delivery apps of all kinds made our lives simpler in 2015, but undoubtedly one of the most popular was "get anything delivered" service Favor. Those runners in electric-blue tuxedo shirts could be spotted all over Fort Worth, especially during mealtimes when getting away from the office seemed impossible.

So what kinds of food did Fort Worthians order in the most? It doesn't come as a shock that Tex-Mex tops Favor's list, but the rest of the top five is happily eclectic.

The #2 rotisserie chicken taco from Velvet Taco was the No. 1 most ordered food item in Fort Worth, while East Hampton Sandwich Co.'s fried chicken and jack sandwich came in second.

In third place was chicken fried rice from Sushi Axiom, and fourth place went to the Good Pepperoni from Thirteen Pies.

The No. 5 most-ordered food item in Fort Worth speaks volumes about the power of sides, as waffle fries from Chik-Fil-A made it onto the list all by themselves.


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