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Fort Worth native spreads gratitude with thank you subscription box service

Fort Worth native spreads gratitude with thank you subscription box

Katherine Morris note
Parker's Postbox, launched by Katherine Morris, is a subscription box thank you service. Photo courtesy of Meredith Crawford
Katherine Morris
Morris is the owner of Katherine Morris & Co., a company that specializes in helping nonprofits thank donors. Photo courtesy of Britt Latz
Katherine Morris note
Katherine Morris

Katherine Morris says thank you for a living. After working in donor relations at nonprofits such as Lena Pope, the Fort Worth native launched her own company to help nonprofits thank donors. Through handwritten notes, custom gratitude stationery, phone calls, and more, Katherine Morris & Co. makes donors feel special — which increases their likelihood of donating again.

Morris also sells cards on her website that branch out from the generic with sayings like “You are what making a difference looks like” and “You put the awe in awesome.” And now, with the launch of a new subscription box called Parker’s Postbox, Katherine Morris & Co. is making appreciation easier for everyone.

“My husband and I have many young nieces and nephews,” Morris says. “We want them to stay as kind and grateful as they are now. This [subscription box] makes sharing love easy.”

With each Parker’s Postbox (which is named after one of Morris’ nieces), customers get thank you cards with postage and gift items ready to send — all you have to do is fill out the card. The Gratitude Package runs $25 for three gratitude cards with postage and one gift item. The Premium Package runs $50 for three gratitude cards, one seasonal card, and one occasion card with postage and two gift items. The subscription auto-renews every month, but customers can cancel at any time with no penalty. 

“I love the art of gratitude,” Morris says. “If Parker’s Postbox can prompt you to write a thank you note, I want to spread that all over.”

In addition to donor relation services, selling cards online, and offering subscription boxes, Morris has launched holiday card services for businesses. Katherine Morris & Co. will assemble, hand address, seal, stamp, and send holiday greetings.

“I’ve never seen a business concept quite like mine before,” Morris says. “I keep thinking ‘surely someone is already doing this,’ but no one is.”