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One of America's most historic stores is just a short drive from Fort Worth

One of America's most historic shops is a short drive from Fort Worth

Jefferson General Store
Jefferson General Store has been in operation since the 1860s. Photo courtesy of Jefferson General Store

Amid a sea of big-box stores, there still exists a handful of vintage general stores, and one of the best is only a three-hour drive from Fort Worth.

Located in Jefferson, right by the Louisiana border, the Jefferson General Store has been supplying sundries since the 1870s. Country Living recently trumpeted the store on its list of America's 20 most charming general stores, along with Luckenbach General Store in the Texas Hill Country.

Jefferson General Store opened as the town's first hardware, and today it still stocks home improvement necessities along with gifts, homemade pecan pralines, and a working soda fountain and nickel jukebox. The business remained in the original family for more than 100 years; it was sold in 1977.

Luckenbach General Store shares a yard with the town's famous dance hall and bar. Originally opened as a trading post in 1849 that also sold everything needed "from the cradle to the grave," the store now offers mainly souvenirs. Its post office closed down in 1971, but there is still plenty of historic memorabilia covering every square inch of the shop. Now isn't that worthy of a road trip? 


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