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High-end Fort Worth portrait studio finds new home near Cultural District

High-end Fort Worth portrait studio finds home by Cultural District

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They're known for grand family portraits. Gittings

A photography studio that's a favorite choice among Dallas-Fort Worth elites has moved to a new address — one with many new upgrades. Gittings, a portrait studio that was located for 27 years on Camp Bowie Boulevard, has found a new home for its Fort Worth location at 3124 W. 5th St., a former office building near the Cultural District.

According to a release, the relocation, which took place at the end of 2021, possesses a number of new amenities:

  • Larger. almost 1,000 square feet larger than the previous studio.
  • More natural light. to be used in place of or alongside the studio's lighting equipment.
  • Outdoor settings. The new space boasts two courtyards, which provide outdoor portrait settings on-site.
  • Atmosphere. Vaulted ceilings, a larger camera room, and larger presentation room where clients view their images.
  • Accessibility. The 5th Street location brings Gittings in closer proximity to business clientele who use Gittings for corporate portraits.

In a statement, Rick Bettinger, Gittings' president and owner, says that the new location will help deepen their connection to the community.

"It's a symbol of our commitment to Fort Worth and the families that power this area – and proof that our legacy of more than 90 years is here to stay," Bettinger says. "We've had the pleasure of photographing some of the most successful and philanthropic individuals in Fort Worth and beyond, and we're excited to continue being woven into those stories as the next generation of movers and shakers emerge."

The Gittings brand has prevailed through a transformation of the photography industry into a fully digital, high-tech operation, but Bettinger emphasizes that there's more to a good portrait than pushing a button.

"We approach each portrait session with ultimate care and creativity to develop an original work of art," Bettinger says. "From wardrobe and lighting to décor and personality, our photographers dedicate the time to get to know our clients and understand a comprehensive overview of their vision before they ever pick up the camera. We're grateful that this process gives us the opportunity to build relationships with local families and capture some of the biggest milestones in their lives – whether graduating from high school, welcoming a baby, or becoming an executive."

The company was established in 1928 by Paul Gittings, Sr. in the penthouse of the Stoneleigh Hotel in Dallas. In addition to the Fort Worth location, Gittings has studios in Dallas and Houston and operates worldwide through the company’s business portraiture division, Gittings Global. Their client portfolio includes local personalities and philanthropists as well as stars and politicians such as the Bush family, Octavia Spencer, Emmitt Smith, John Wayne, Roger Staubach, and Sophia Loren.