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The last Sears store in Dallas-Fort Worth will shutter in April

The last Sears store in Dallas-Fort Worth will shutter in April

In good news, the auto center will remain open. Courtesy photo

The last Sears store in Dallas-Fort Worth is closing.

The store is at Town East Mall in Mesquite, and it's one of a dozen stores the department store chain is closing across the country.

While the company has not officially announced the closures, it posted help-wanted positions on its website on January 29, including the store in Mesquite.

The job listing is for a "Temporary Cashier" position and says "Store Closing Mesquite."

Prior to Mesquite, the last two Sears in North Texas were at Hulen Mall in Fort Worth and The Parks at Arlington, both of which closed in 2020, following two closures in Plano in Richardson in 2018.

Acording to a story by Forbes, which describes some of the other notable closures in this round, including one in Los Angeles that's nearly a century old, this will leave the chain with 36 stores or fewer. As recently as 2019, Sears had 489 stores in operation, and 761 stores in 1963.

Home of Kenmore, Craftsman, Diehard, and many more trusted name brands, Sears was once famous for being the "World's Largest Retailer."

According to a spokesperson from Town East Mall, Sears' auto center will remain open, while the store is slated to close in April. Sales have already begun.