Tim Love Pops Up

Chef Tim Love's latest Fort Worth restaurant venture embraces hot trends

Tim Love's latest Fort Worth restaurant venture embraces hot trends

Fort Worth chef Tim Love
Tim Love is all over the pop-up trend. Photo courtesy of Tim Love

Fort Worth chef Tim Love knows that everyone loves a pop-up, and he'll host one in Fort Worth, beginning in late January. Called Ufficio, it'll have an Italian theme and will take residence in his office test kitchen.

Better known for his signature "urban Western" cuisine, Love intends to showcase his broad culinary range. Ufficio will be the first installation of a four-part pop-up series, and Italian is one of his favorite cuisines. Subsequent pop-ups will have different themes, such as Western European and Asian, with a restaurant name change to match.

Ufficio marries his grilling expertise with Italian flavors, and the menu will feature six courses — crudo, antipasti, fettine, primi, secondi, dolce — as well as an introductory cocktail, two glasses of wine, and Montenegro Amaro and coffee to close the meal. Cost per person is $85.

Primi include bavette cacio e pepi, aka thin linguini with sheep's cheese and black pepper, a dish popularized by Mario Batali. There's also garganelli alla amatriciana; garganelli is a coiled pasta with ridges, and amatriciana is a sauce named for the small Italian town of Amatrice, featuring tomato, pork, and Pecorino cheese.

Gnudi with sausage, fennel, and cannellini beans features one of Love's favorite items: rattlesnake. Other dishes include skirt steak, spicy chicken, lamb chops, pork tenderloin with celery root puree, and Arctic char.

Starting drinks include an authentic Aperol spritzer or prosecco, while the remaining courses will be matched with Italian wines.

Ufficio will be open for service January 27-30, 6-9 pm, in Love's Fort Worth test kitchen at 713 N. Main St. Tickets can be purchased by calling 817-624-9712.


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