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Fort Worth gourmet doughnut shop takes the cake in Sundance Square

Fort Worth gourmet doughnut shop takes the cake in Sundance Square

FunkyTown Donuts
More doughnuts is a big win. Photo courtesy of FunkyTown

In the best doughnut news ever, FunkyTown Donuts is opening a second location in Sundance Square. Fort Worth's trendiest doughnut shop will open a branch across from Bass Performance Hall, in the former Cupcakery spot at 132 E. 4th St.

The Cupcakery closed in October 2016 when its lease ended, after five years in that location. FunkyTown plans to open in the spring, says Angie Moors, who co-owns the shop with husband Brandon Moors and his mother Ruth.

"We just received our keys this week, so we're in the early stages," she says. "But fortunately, it's mostly a cosmetic process."

The couple opened the original shop on 8th Street in Near Southside in May 2016 — part of a wave of post-modern doughnut shops that have risen up across the country with a more inventive and gourmet approach to doughnuts that go beyond the usual glazed and chocolate sprinkle.

They make their dough from scratch, not a mix, and use fresh ingredients such as fresh fruit in their glazes. They offer a variety of doughnuts daily including yeast and cake donuts, and try to incorporate seasonality, as well. And their icings frequently have alluring, vivid colors.

One need only look at FunkyTown's flavors of the week for February 4-10 to get a sense of the variety and ambition, with treats such as passion fruit, mango tango, and Key lime pie. There's even a cool Mardi Gras-themed "King cake doughnut" dusted with the classic colorful sugary sprinkles.

Angie says that they've always had an eye on opening a location downtown. "We love Sundance Square, with all the offices, hotels, and visitors downtown," she says. "And we're right across the street from Bass Performance Hall. There's not a lot of options similar to what we'll do and there's definitely not a doughnut shop."

The Sundance store will keep different hours and offer some new menu items.

"We will not mirror Near Southside as far as hours, where we're closed on Mondays," she says. "Downtown will be open seven days a week. We know there's a need for that. And we'll stay open late on Fridays and Saturdays, with sweet and savory options."

They're also planning on serving beer.

"We want this location to offer 'doughnuts and drafts' — we want to have five taps with rotating craft beers and a cold brew on tap for coffee lovers," she says. "We want to pair up the taps with doughnuts for a unique experience. We feel like that will be a huge success downtown."