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Bring your pup and your putter to new Fort Worth bar and beer garden

Bring your pup and your putter to new Fort Worth bar and beer garden

Miniature golf
Putt putt away. Photo courtesy of Groupon

A veteran Fort Worth hospitality group is opening a new bar that will be their biggest to date. Called The Yard, it will be a casual combination of beer garden, dog park, and live music venue, and will open at 3017 Morton St. in the former Capital Bar space on March 8.

The Yard will pick up the hot trend of combining bar with a serious outdoor space including an adult playground. But this will go beyond the usual Jenga, with an arcade, ping pong tables, and even a 5-hole miniature golf course.

They'll offer food via a rotating selection of food trucks, and will also host local and national touring musical acts.

The concept comes from the same group that owns Landmark Bar & Kitchen and Texas Republic Bar & Kitchen, both in Fort Worth; and two bars in Dallas — Playground Neighborhood Bar and Theory Uptown.

Owner Sam Sameni says they've been brewing this idea but hadn't found the right space.

"We'd been looking for several years, and this space was perfect for what we had in mind," he says. "It's big, with a lot of outdoor space, allowing us to do the beer garden and dog park. If you're looking in neighborhoods like West 7th or Uptown, the areas we like to be in, finding a space that big is hard to do."

Mutts Cantina in Uptown is a well-known dog park bar, but the emphasis is slightly different, Sameni says.

"I think Mutts is a dog park first and a bar second," he says. "We're a bar and beer garden first, and the dog park is secondary to that. Our dog park will definitely be smaller, probably a couple thousand square feet. All of our concepts are about social interaction, so this just extends it to dogs, as well."

As for the beer garden, their focus will be on canned beer rather than the obligatory long wall of taps.

"We'll have a large selection of more than 70 beers, but primarily in cans," he says. "And then we'll do something else unique, which is  large format for groups — small kegs to be shared with 4-6 people, served at your table with a hand pump."

Other features they'll have that you haven't seen anywhere else: tables on swing sets.

"The table is stationary but the seats are swings," he says. "In addition to the miniature golf course, we're building a soccer billiards pool table on the floor — it's so big, you shoot mini soccer balls, as if you were playing pool. Any corner you look, there's something to do."