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Longtime sushi restaurant in Fort Worth's Sundance Square calls it quits

Longtime sushi restaurant in Sundance Square Fort Worth calls it quits

Piranha Killer Sushi tako supreme
The restaurant had been there for 15 years. Piranha Killer Sushi/Facebook

After 15 years, a sushi restaurant in downtown Fort Worth has called it quits: Piranha Killer Sushi, which opened in Sundance Square in 2006, has closed for good. The final day was February 23.

A representative from the company said that rent was increasing and the volume of sales had dropped since the coronavirus reduced the number of workers in Fort Worth's central district.

The restaurant posted a goodbye note on its Facebook page, offering thanks to customers.

"After serving the wonderful community of Fort Worth for the last fifteen years, we are saddened to inform you that our doors will be closing," the post said. "There are countless people we are extremely grateful for and would love to see one last time to have some laughs and remember the good times we shared within these walls."

The chain has two locations still open in Flower Mound and in Arlington, where chef Kenzo Tran founded Piranha Killer Sushi in 2001 with a goal of doing sushi with a vibrant twist. At one point, there were six locations, including one in San Antonio.

Along with serving good food, Tran has always given back to the community as well as provided a platform for other chefs such as Dien Nguyen, with whom he partnered to open Wabi House, the acclaimed ramen resaurant. Tran also opened Pho District, an homage to Vietnamese street food located on West Seventh St., although a manager at the restaurant said that Tran was no longer involved.

Tran was not available for comment, but as the Facebook post said, "It's been a pleasure serving you, arigatou gozaimasu!"