Where to Eat Fort Worth
Best Restaurants Post-Breakup

Where to eat in Fort Worth right now: 10 best restaurants to mend a broken heart

Where to eat in Fort Worth: 10 best restaurants to mend a broken heart

Herb chicken at Buttons in Fort Worth
Buttons' comforting soul food. Buttons/Facebook
Burger at Bar Louie in Fort Worth
Bar Louie burger. Photo courtesy of Bar Louie
Chef Blaine Staniford of Grace restaurant in Fort Worth
Grace chef Blaine Staniford. Grace/Facebook
Thurber Mingus goat cheese and bacon jam burger
Thurber Mingus burger with bacon jam. Photo by Malcolm Mayhew
Sunny side up eggs at Righteous Foods in Fort Worth
Righteous Foods is a healthy oasis. Photo by Marc Lee
Herb chicken at Buttons in Fort Worth
Burger at Bar Louie in Fort Worth
Chef Blaine Staniford of Grace restaurant in Fort Worth
Thurber Mingus goat cheese and bacon jam burger
Sunny side up eggs at Righteous Foods in Fort Worth

In February, we gave our all to romance. March is the aftermath: heartache and sorrowful break-ups. Fortunately, Fort Worth has many restaurant options ideal for those who have been dumped. Why should your dining suffer like your heart?

Here are the top 10 restaurants to forget that formerly special someone:

Bar Louie
Your friends will convince you that partying is the best way to blow off your bae. This West Seventh bar/restaurant, with the motto "Eat, drink, be happy," is where many a jilted soul flock. Before you drink too much and do someone, er, something you regret, order up a flatbread with spicy Thai chicken, mozzarella and provolone cheese blend, green onion, red pepper, jalapeños, and peanut sauce. Tuesdays are "burger nights," when you can get a burger for $1.

When big portions of comfort food are needed to soften the break-up blow, it's Buttons to the rescue, with gargantuan, nerve-calming dishes such as pot roast, just like Mom used to make; shrimp and catfish over jalapeño cheese grits; and the comfort dish to end all comfort dishes, chicken and waffles. Most entrees are perfect for sharing too. Oooops, we said "sharing." Sorry about that!

Chadra Mezza & Grill
Sometimes you just want to "talk about it." And talk and talk and talk. Buffets offer the perfect backdrop — endless food for endless conversation — and the lunch buffet at this south side Mediterranean restaurant is one of the best in the city, offering bottomless pita bread and hummus, baba ghanoush, tabbouleh, falafel, and other Med staples.   

Pamper yourself — it's what you tell yourself you need after you get dumped. After a day at the spa and a mani-pedi, wind down at one of Fort Worth's most elegant restaurants with a $52 plate of chef Blaine Staniford's bison osso buco and a $25 glass of Cabernet Sauvignon. The bill's gonna smart, but you're worth it.

King Crab Tap House
Some of us don't handle the breakdown of a relationship very well. We get mad. We want to pound on things and break stuff. Newly opened in Montgomery Plaza, King Crab Tap House is the ideal place to unleash your anger. You can bust open crab legs and twist the heads off crawfish as nuttily as you please. Let it all out.

Pan Asia
Oftentimes after you've been dumped, you don't want to be around anyone you know. You want the opposite of Cheers — a place where no one knows your name. Recently moved from Arlington to Fort Worth's west side, Julia Sontosa's quaint Asian bistro offers terrific ramen, sushi, and noodle dishes, in a quiet, nondescript strip-mall space, where you can eat and pout in peace.

Righteous Foods
While some may gouge themselves on calories and carbs, others suffering from broken hearts may choose the higher, healthier road and get on a fitness kick; you know, so eventually you can say, "Eat your heart out, jerk!" Few restaurants in Fort Worth are as devoted to healthy eating as Lanny Lancarte's brightly colored, fitness-friendly restaurant, where you can load up on freshly pressed juices, salads with organic corn and blackened salmon, and free-range chicken grinders.

Secret Garden Restaurant at Montgomery Street Antique Mall
Now that you're out of that awful relationship, you're free to go where he wouldn't: a dainty tea room, where you can nibble on prissy mushroom quiche and sip on velvety hibiscus tea while Van Cliburn-like music wafts in the background. Afterward, stroll through the mall and shop for antiques; he never wanted to do that. 

T&P Tavern
If you dig yourself a big enough poor-me hole, one of your pals is bound to organize a "snap out of it" intervention comprising every single one of your caring friends. Housed in a repurposed 1930s diner that was once a part of Texas & Pacific Railway Station, this airy pub offers pork and green chile pizza and cheesesteak sandwiches on a humongous 5,000-square-foot covered patio, perfect for large pity parties.

Thurber Mingus
Sometimes you need closure, and the only way to get it is one last kiss or kiss-off. Popular for its patio, local beer selection, and goat cheese and bacon jam burger, Thurber Mingus is a hot and hip place where every Fort Worthian will pass sooner or later. You just happen to be there too.


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