Breakfast Galore

Homey new cafe brings breakfast all day to Denton Square

Homey new cafe brings breakfast all day to Denton Square

Upper Park Cafe
If you like breakfast for lunch, then you'll love Upper Park Cafe in Denton. Photo courtesy of Upper Park Cafe

A charming breakfast-obsessed spot from Aubrey is spreading its wings to Denton. Upper Park Cafe is opening a second branch off Denton Square, where it will be open for breakfast and lunch, serving its signature pecan-flavored coffee and pecan French toast.

Owner Jessica Thurman is a California native who loves breakfast and brunch.

"When we first moved here three years ago, there weren't a lot of breakfast options," she says. "I think that's one difference between California and Texas. Here, we're more geared towards lunch and dinner, but I'm a huge fan of brunch and breakfast all day, and that's what we do."

Thurman was originally headed for law school, but with three young children, she decided to take the entrepreneurial route instead. "Plus, I've worked in breakfast and lunch places all my life," she says.

The menu includes steak and eggs with home fries, pancakes topped with strawberries and cream, and cinnamon rolls baked by an employee's aunt. At lunch, there are burgers, a Philly cheesesteak sandwich, and Cobb salad.

The Aubrey location has earned a following for the better-than-homemade food and homey touches, such as the custom of encouraging regular customers to bring in their own personal coffee cups so that they can hang it up behind the bar and get coffee in their favorite cup each morning.

The Denton location is at 222 W. Hickory St., most recently home to a short-lived bar and grill called Muddy Jake's, and once home to the German restaurant Gerhard's. Thurman plans to be open this summer, permitting and construction willing.

"It already had a full kitchen, all it needed was a little TLC, but for the most part, it's ready to go," she says.


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