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Fort Worth named one of America's best burger cities on juicy new list

Fort Worth named one of America's best burger cities on juicy new list

Fred's Cafe burger
Fort Worth is one of the best burger destinations in the nation. Photo by Malcolm Mayhew

There’s nothing more American than the almighty burger. Whether you like yours with a double patty, cheese, sans mayo, or veggie (we forgive you), burgers are a staple of the national diet.

We may be making leaps and bounds on the culinary front, but Fort Worth has a collection of burger joints that have acquired some recent national press. Condé Nast Traveler released the 15 best burger cities in the U.S., as voted by readers, and we make the list.

Coming in at No. 6, Fort Worth gets a nod for no-fuss burgers that are “seemingly larger than life.” Cowtown classics — Fred’s Texas Cafe and Dutch’s Hamburgers — get a well-deserved mention alongside trendy Rodeo Goat and Greasy Bend.

One other Texas city gets a mention: Austin, at No. 9, thanks to rapidly expanding chain Hopdoddy and upscale burgers at Contigo and Swift's Attic.

Can’t get enough burgers? Oklahoma City; Myrtle Beach, Florida; and Orlando, Florida, are the top three burger destinations.

But let’s get back to Fort Worth, shall we? When you get your next craving for a burger-based meal, we've got a few suggestions.


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