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Bar in Fort Worth Stockyards says it's opening, COVID-19 or not

Bar in Fort Worth Stockyards says it's opening, COVID-19 or not

Basement Bar Fort Worth
The Basement Bar suggests that the coronavirus is "all nonsense and grossly over exaggerated." Photo by Jeremy Hallock

A bar in Fort Worth is taking a page out of Colleyville's coronavirus book and making plans to reopen for business: The Basement Bar, located in the Stockyards district, has declared its plans to open on Friday, May 1.

The bar announced its intent via a Facebook post (since removed) that begins, "We have played the game long enough," and goes on to suggest that the coronavirus fears are unfounded.

Both the city of Fort Worth and the state of Texas have stay-at-home decrees that extend until April 30. If those decrees end on that date, then the bar would not be out of order opening one day later, on May 1.

However, Dallas has extended its stay-at-home order into mid-May.

Meanwhile, Gov. Greg Abbott recently announced plans to phase out the order, beginning with the reopening of state parks on April 20.

The town of Colleyville recently stirred up a storm with its decision to allow churches, restaurants, and other businesses to reopen with certain limitations. As of April 22, Tarrant County reported 1,430 positive cases of COVID-19, including 97 new cases; 44 fatalities; and 259 recovered cases.

The Basement Bar's post says, "We abided by the rules set forth to help prevent our hospitals from being overwhelmed and to 'flatten the curve.' Since March 18th we have been closed. We always put our customers first as well as theirs and our employees safety. As most of you already know, more and more evidence is brought to light everyday that most of this was all nonsense and grossly over exaggerated. We feel it is most important to stand up for our freedoms and get our employees back to work, it is our right. We can no longer neglect our livelihoods for the illusion of safety put forth by our city leaders. There's no more 'Y'all Stay Home' it's 'Y'all Get Back To Work!'"

"This post is not to be insensitive or undermine anyone who feels they have or knows someone has has lost their life to 'covid19'," it says. "Any loss of life is tragic. But freedom is exactly what makes life so precious and special. Without it what kind of life can you live? If you disagree with us, please feel free to stay home."

The post on its own is amusing enough but for Grade A quarantine reading, you can't beat the 3,500-or-so comments. I mean, it is a gold mine.

Musician Tom Urquhart starts it off, saying, "Um. I love this venue, but I won't be performing there anytime soon. Good luck to the survivors in the meantime."

"God speed," says Tony Diaz. "May the benedictions be sweet at their funerals."

"I'd hate to see anyone lose their business over this virus. That was, until I read this shitshow," says artist Steve Hunter. "Imagine getting 900 shares and they’re all by people calling you a moron. Fantastic business plan."