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Chicken tenders spot clucks into Colleyville with 8 kinds of fries

Chicken tenders spot clucks into Colleyville with 8 kinds of fries

Mother Clucker chicken
Got your chicken tenders, got your waffle fries. Photo courtesy of Mother Clucker

A new, independently owned restaurant dedicated to the fried chicken tender has opened in Colleyville. Sporting the sassy name Mother Clucker, it's located in a former Subway at 7171 Colleyville Blvd., where it's serving not only breaded chicken tenders but eight kinds of potato fries.

Do eight kinds of fries even exist? Let us list them here and now:

  1. shoestring fries
  2. regular fries
  3. steak fries
  4. tater tots
  5. sweet potato fries
  6. waffle fries
  7. curly fries
  8. crinkle-cut fries

Tater tots is kind of a stretch, but let's give it to them: Eight! It's true.

Mother Clucker is the brainchild of young entrepreneur David Oun, who comes from a restaurant background, having worked at concepts such as Panda Express, as well as with his parents, who've owned Asian restaurants around North Texas.

"I grew up with sit-down restaurants but decided that fast-casual, quick-service was the way to go. It's what most people want," he says.

The big selection of fries grew out of his personal antipathy towards crinkle fries and a desire to have a fry for all.

"The most obvious would be Raising Cane's and all they have are crinkle-cut fries," he says. "I thought, 'Why not give everyone an option?'"

As for chicken, he had a mission. "My biggest goal was to have great tender chicken without the need for sauce," he says. "Every time I go to a place to get chick tenders, I find you have to dip it in something. I wanted a chicken that tasted amazing by itself."

That said, he has sauces. Oh, he has sauces. Seven sauces: the Cluckin' sauce, which is a peppery mayo that's closest to a Cane's-style sauce, honey BBQ, honey mustard, which he makes himself, plus ranch, siracha ranch, sweet & sour, and sweet chili.

It briefly crossed his mind to do wings, as well, but he wanted to make sure that whatever he did was perfect, so he decided to start out streamlined and simple: just the tenders and fries.

Oh wait, take that back. He's also doing poutine, the Canadian dish with fries, cheese curds, and gravy. "And then if you want to be unhealthy, the 'cluster' fries come with all of the fries, melted cheese, and flaming hot Cheeto dust," he says.

And, alright, he's also doing fried Oreos, fried Twinkies, fried Snickers, a mini funnel cake, a "GBH" roll, queso, and corn nuggets.

What he's not doing for now is alcohol. "It's right next to a high school, but in the future, we could maybe bring in some beer," he says.

He crafted his interior with the modern simplicity of a boba tea shop, with one exception: The walls are lined with paintings that he commissioned of his Mother Clucker mascot logo – a little yellow egg-shaped fellow with sunglasses, a beak, and a hint of a mohawk, hovering over the words "It's flippin' good."