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Popular foodie startup delivers 'ritas and queso to-go to Fort Worth

Popular foodie startup delivers 'ritas and queso to-go to Fort Worth

Ritas & queso
Salted rim, squeeze of lime, good to go. Photo courtesy R&Q

A company in Dallas-Fort Worth that began as a pop-up during the pandemic has bloomed into a full-time thing, dedicated to everyone's favorite cocktail: margaritas.

Called Ritas & Queso, it delivers margaritas, queso, and other Tex-Mex classics directly to customers.

The service was first introduced in Dallas, and has now extended its reach to Fort Worth, in a partnership with delivery company Alto.

The concept was developed by business partners Julian Barsotti and Glen Collins. Barsotti is chef-owner of Dallas restaurants Nonna, Sprezza, Fachini, and Carbone's; Collins is a partner at Switch Creative, an interactive design studio focused on branding

Barsotti piloted the concept to help keep restaurant workers busy during COVID-19. Since then, Ritas & Queso has become wildly popular amongst Dallasites and evolved into a mainstay concept, aided by the fact that its menu was designed from the get-go for pick-up and delivery.

There's a Standard Kit for $55 that includes

  • half-gallon Jug-O-Ritas, frozen or rocks
  • 16 ounces queso
  • 8 ounces salsa
  • chips and plate ware

There's a Family Meal Kit for $75 that includes

  • Standard Kit (see above)
  • Tex-Mex enchiladas (feeds 5-6) including corn tortillas, Bar N Ranch brisket & chuck, chile con carne with an Oaxaca-jalapeno jack-queso cheese blend, delivered in a disposable baking dish.

In addition to margaritas, Ritas & Queso is offering bi-weekly Family Meals in a variety of Tex-Mex classics.

Fort Worth deliveries take place on Fridays from 2-6 pm via Alto. There is a $10 delivery charge, and that does not include a tip.

In order to get a Friday delivery, you must order between Monday-Thursday from 10 am–4 pm online, or 10 am–5 pm by phone. Same day ordering is not available you must order in advance.

If you don't want to wait until Friday, pickup is available Monday-Saturday 11 am-6 pm, at 4115 Lomo Alto Dr. in Dallas. To order, call 214-521-7193 or go online at

"It has been awesome to see people integrating Ritas & Queso into their quarantine routine — people are gifting kits to friends or enjoying with family. We are so thankful for the support," Collins says.