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New bar specializing in all kinds of shots drops into Fort Worth

New bar specializing in all kinds of shots drops into Fort Worth

Shot Cellar
Bartender, a round of shots for me and my friends. Photo courtesy of Shot Cellar

It's shots for everybody at The Shot Cellar, a new bar serving custom shots, shooters, and bombs that's opening in Fort Worth's West Seventh district. The venue will open at 931 Foch St., in what was for many years a vintage clothing store.

After nearly a year in the works, it's set to open in the next few weeks.

Co-owner Owen McGrath says they'll have just over 200 shots on the menu.

"These aren't just shots of tequila," he says. "These can often be like little cocktails. Some are two ingredients, some are eight or nine. There's a big range. Some are drop shots similar to an Irish Firebomb, where you drop a shot glass into a drink. But most of what we're doing are shots that are a little more complicated or that people have never heard of, in an extravagant manner."

While shots are the signature, that's not all they'll have.

"We'll have four beers on tap, and a good selection local craft beers in cans," he says. "We're also working with a bartender who has created a menu of high-end craft cocktails – sort of larger versions of everything we already do."

This is a bar bar — no food.

"We don't have room for a kitchen and we have low occupancy — the city doesn't want us to have too many people," he says.

They've transformed the space from an empty shell, installing an impressive bar top made from a slab of a live oak tree that's been sunk into an epoxy resin.

"The front of the bar is reminiscent of a game of jenga, with blocks of wood and pieces of 2X4s — all recycled materials — combined in a random pattern so that it has a great texture and look," he says.

McGrath says they took their inspiration from similar concepts, one in College Station called The Dry Bean, and another in Austin called Cheers Shot Bar.

"I love those bars and whenever I'm visiting, I always have a shot," he says.