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Trinity Metro adds hugely helpful new connection from Fort Worth to airport

Trinity Metro adds helpful new connection from Fort Worth to airport

TRE bus
Ride the magic bus straight into the sky. Courtesy of TRE

In a giant step for the mankind that wants to take public transportation to the airport, Trinity Metro has created a more convenient option for riders traveling from Fort Worth to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport.

Beginning November 1, they're going to connect TRE LINK directly to DFW Airport Terminal B. Huzzah.

Under the current arrangement — which anyone who has ever ridden public transportation in another city might find to be insanely, even punitively, convoluted — riders are forced to take the TRE LINK from CentrePort Station to the airport's rental car area, then catch another bus to the terminals.

If you've ever done that, you know that it entails not only badump-bumping your luggage on, then off, then back on, whatever vehicle you're boarding, it also requires coordinating your schedule so that you don't miss one leg of that too-elaborate transportation scheme.

It's almost as if it were designed by people who either #1 have never taken it themselves or #2 deliberately want you to be late.

With the new setup, riders will be able travel straight from CentrePort’s Bus Bay A to Terminal B, resulting in a more convenient, more efficient, way less stressful, trip to the airport.

TRE LINK will operate every 20 minutes on weekdays during peak periods, and every 40 minutes during off-peak hours and on Saturdays.

Service begins at 5:48 am from Terminal B and at 5:32 am from CentrePort Station.

TRE LINK does not operate on Sundays.

When passengers arrive at Terminal B, they can walk to TEXRail's DFW Airport Terminal B Station or DART’s Orange Line at Terminal A.

For free connections to Terminals A, C, D, and E, passengers can ride Terminal Link before going through security or Skylink after going through security.

Trinity Metro is the sole owner and operator of TEXRail, a 27-mile commuter rail line that runs between downtown Fort Worth and Dallas Fort Worth International Airport's Terminal B.

Trinity Metro also offers connections throughout North Central Texas on buses, TEXRail, ACCESS paratransit, ZIPZONEs, vanpools, and the Trinity Railway Express (TRE), the 34-mile rail line which they own and operate jointly with Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART).