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List of most popular pups reveals Fort Worth's dog breed preferences

List of most popular pups reveals Fort Worth's dog breed preferences

Pull for Puppies Dog Walk & Pet Festival
DFW pet parents love their dachshunds. Photo courtesy of Pull for Puppies

Each year, Rover.com tallies the top names for our furry, four-legged friends. But only recently did the pet website dig a little deeper to find out which breeds are likely to come running when the names Burrito and Rolex are called at a Dallas-Fort Worth dog park.

The second annual report ranks the top 20 most popular breeds across the country, and includes the top five most popular dog breeds in DFW that outpaced the national rank. 

According to Rover's data, DFW residents are likely to be playing fetch with miniature schnauzers, Australian shepherds, dachshunds, boxers, and Maltese.

Nationally, the top 20 are: mixed breed, Labrador retriever, Chihuahua, golden retriever, German shepherd, Yorkshire terrier, shih tzu, dachshund, goldendoodle, boxer, poodle, beagle, Australian shepherd, Siberian husky, American pit bull terrier, Maltese, French bulldog, pug, Labradoodle, and border collie. 

Rover also surveyed 1,000 U.S. pet parents to examine how they picked the right breed for their family. Not surprisingly, this year's breed preferences uniquely reflect the changing world around us.

Dog adoption rates have increased since the COVID-19 pandemic began, and nearly one-third of respondents said they adopted a dog while social distancing measures have been in effect.

For those who got a dog during social distancing, the majority (60 percent) said it was their first dog and 40 percent said it was a companion for an existing dog in their household. Nearly one-third of respondents said their dog "chose them" (aww).

A third of respondents noted they own items that celebrate their dog's breed and are likely to purchase more, and another third said they are very likely to purchase items that include their dog's breed.