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New York bakery takes paper thin layer cakes to Dallas-Fort Worth mall

New York bakery takes paper thin layer cakes to Dallas-Fort Worth mall

Lady M crepes
The cake of many layers. Photo courtesy of Lady M

If you love a many-layered cake, then this pop-up's for you.

It's from Lady M Cake Boutique, a New York company known for its unique cake-like confection called the Lady M Mille Crêpes, and the bakery will descend upon Hurst for a special Cake Boutique Pop-Up from May 17-19.

Lady M New York was created in 2001, and is a New York City-based cake boutique chain with 37 locations globally. They do a variety of cakes, such as strawberry shortcake; chocolate and vanilla checkerboard cake; baked cheesecake; and couronnes de chocolat, a chocolate sponge and mousse cake topped with white chocolate shavings.

But the pop-ups are dedicated to their signature Lady M Mille Crepe, made from 20 crepes that are paper-thin, layered with ethereal light pastry cream, and stacked one on top of each other so it looks like a round cake.

They're similar to a German cake called the Schichttorte, which also has 20 layers, with each layer baked in a broiler. Lady M substitutes crepes and introduces new-age flavors, such as green tea.

Lady M has been doing Cake Boutique Pop-Ups as far back as 2017, including one they did in Plano at Mitsuwa Marketplace. The pop-ups have made stops in cities such as San Francisco; Washington, D.C.; Austin; Seattle; Atlanta; and Miami.

According to a release, they're expanding the pop-ups in 2019 to additional cities, adding a wider selection of cakes, alongside new flavors, and perhaps most important, the option to purchase select cakes by the slice.

The opportunity to purchase by the slice is meaningful because of the price. Their cakes start at $50 and go all the way up to $90 for a 9-inch cake, depending on your choice of flavor.

With prices like that, a slice for $8.50 to $9 seems a little easier to swallow.

They have three varieties:

  • Signature AKA "plain." The original Lady M creation, featuring 20 paper-thin handmade crêpes layered with whipped pastry cream.
  • Green Tea. Lady M's signature Mille Crêpes but with green tea folded into every layer of pastry cream. Topped with a dusting of green tea powder from Japan.
  • Pistachio Green Tea. The newest cake in the Lady M collection, coupling crêpes with pistachio pastry cream. The cake is topped with a spin of pastry cream and crushed pistachios.

You can pre-order your whole cake ahead of time at this link, which they say are available for pre-purchase "while supplies last," just to ramp up your fervor.

Lady M's Dallas Cake Boutique Pop-Up takes place at North East Mall, 1101 Melbourne Rd., in Hurst, on the following dates and hours:

  • May 17, from 3-8 pm
  • May 18, from 12-5 pm
  • May 19, from 12-5 pm

Only Pistachio Mille Crêpes and Signature Mille Crêpes will be available for slices, and there will be limited slice options available for on-site purchase. So many limitations, and it's first-come, first-serve.