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Get a taste of Chicago at cute Arlington restaurant Dimples 'N Wings

Get a taste of Chicago at cute Arlington restaurant Dimples 'N Wings

mac cheese chicken
That mac & cheese says hello. Dimples

There's a restaurant in Arlington that is bringing a little taste of Chicago, although you wouldn't know it by the name. Called Dimples Fries N Wings, it's at 5700 S Collins St. #100, at the corner of Green Oaks Boulevard, located right next door to a gas station, in what used to be a shop called Po' Boys.

Owner Andrea Shofner is an incredibly nice person who is striking out on her own for the first time.

"I catered for a number of years, but I was always wanted to have a place of my own," she says. "I was afraid — but then one day, I said, 'I need to do it.'"

Her menu is a reflection of her favorite recipes, including extra large wings that she offers in 10 flavors, and dishes from Chicago, which she learned as a Windy City native.

"I grew up in Chicago and moved to Texas after my mother moved here," she says.

Dimples' food is good-quality and gets high marks for its value, serving big portions at low prices, with specials such as a two-piece thigh in flavor of choice, with dirty rice, green beans, and bread for $6.99.

The menu features more than a dozen sandwiches including Cajun grilled chicken, pork chop, and gyro, plus two Chicago-style Italian beef sandwiches:

  • standard sliced steak topped with chunky giardiniera relish
  • Italian Beef Combo with giardiniera plus Italian sausage and mozzarella cheese

She does a classic Philly cheesesteak, and two twists: one is a chicken Philly sandwich and the other is a vegan version with vegan chick’n strips.

Sandwiches come with crisp, seasoned crinkle-cut fries.

There's an entire vegan menu, with a vegan Chicago-style hot dog, chick'n sandwich, Impossible burger, vegan Frito pie, vegan wings, and vegan chili cheese dog — offerings rare not only to Arlington but also across DFW.

Burgers are a big seller, and come in intriguing options such as the breakfast burger topped with bacon, pickles, and an egg. There's Swiss mushroom, avocado ranch, and a Chicago burger, a hand-pressed patty with American cheese, gyro meat, tzatziki sauce, lettuce, tomato, and red onion.

She also does po'boys, to accommodate leftover fans of the previous occupant — another facet of her doting, attentive service.

She's transformed the little spot into a cheerful haven, with a colorful mural on the wall that includes a likeness of herself, dimples and all — the inspiration for the restaurant's name.

"Dimples has been my nickname since I was born," she says.