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North Texas-based Shawarma Press restaurant deploys expansion into Walmarts

DFW-based Shawarma Press restaurant deploys big expansion in Walmarts

Falafel from Shawarma Press. Shawarma Press

Walmart has added a new in-house restaurant option, serving Mediterranean food including shawarma wraps and rice bowls.

Called Shawarma Press, it's a restaurant concept that has partnered with Walmart to open mini-restaurants inside select Walmart stores.

Shawarma Press Founder and CEO Sawsan Abublan opened the original restaurant at 400 E. Royal Ln. in Irving in 2017. Now with the Walmart deal, they're expanding at Walmart stores across Texas, including Arlington, Plano, Georgetown, and San Antonio, where they've just debuted.

Shawarma Press calls its food "a fresh twist on Mediterranean cuisine," and claims to be the first food establishment to introduce shawarma in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. That's quite a claim.

They're open seven days a week, including all holidays, through the late evening hours.

"We're thrilled that Walmart's curated food service will allow us to introduce more people to our authentic, healthy, Mediterranean cuisine," Abublan says in a statement. "Texans are known for their diverse palates, so we look forward to offering our fresh menu items to San Antonians and Walmart shoppers seeking delicious Mediterranean comfort food."

Shawarma Press' menu includes shawarma wraps, platters, and rice bowls including chicken, beef, and vegetarian and vegan options such as hummus and falafel, plus appetizers, salads, and pastries.

But their signature is their Shawarma: thin slices of chicken or beef stacked in cone-like shapes while slowly roasting in juices on a rotisserie. They offer traditional wraps as well as novel fusion offerings such as the spicy Tandoori Press and Tex-Mex Press Shawarmas.

"Our guests are delighted and sometimes surprised that our dishes are made from scratch, including our famous hummus, falafel, and sauces that are available for take-out or dine-in at Walmart," Abublan says. "We also use only high-quality ingredients, including chicken and premium beef raised with no hormones, steroids, or antibiotics, and humanely handled according to Halal guidelines."

Walmart seems to be upping its game on restaurant options. In October 2021, they added Surfin' Chicken, a new-to-the-U.S. concept from Croatia that serves fried chicken and French fries.