New AT&T Stadium Nosh

How to celebrate a Dallas Cowboys win at AT&T Stadium: Frito pie hot dog

How to celebrate a Dallas Cowboys win at AT&T Stadium: Frito pie dog

Frito Pie hot dog
On the menu at AT&T Stadium: Frito pie hot dog. Photo courtesy of AT&T Stadium

While the Dallas Cowboys were busy snatching a game away from the New York Giants 27-26 in the 2015 NFL season opener on September 13, those who were in attendance at AT&T Stadium could celebrate a new slate of menu items that embrace good old Texas food.

According to a release, the menu by the Legends culinary team responded to visitors in search of Texas-themed food and Southwestern cuisine — but with a twist. The new recipes feature savory and spicy flavors, as well as some dessert.

New dishes include the following:

Tacos al pastor. Pineapple pork adobo al pastor, shaved to order, piled onto tortillas and served with authentic street taco condiments. Served on the Upper Concourse in Sections 408 and 438.

Mexican short rib sandwich. Angus bone-in short ribs braised until tender in ranchero sauce, served on a toasted baguette. Topped with "traditional Mexican slaw" and finished to customer taste at the "fixins' bar." Served on the Upper Concourse in Sections 408 and 438.

Third Down meatball sandwich. Three jumbo "old world" Italian meatballs simmered in tomato-basil marinara, served on a warm sub roll with provolone and finished with "special Cowboy seasoning." Served at Hall of Fame Stands.

Jumbo smoked ham griddle. Smoked Petite Jean ham on long rustic jalapeño cheddar brioche, grilled with Swiss cheese, kicked up with garlic greens of kale, spinach, and arugula and creamy horseradish sauce. Served at Main Clubs.

Grid iron griddle. Texas pimiento cheese (cheddar, Swiss, fontina, and pimiento) grilled in a long rustic loaf of cheddar brioche. Served at Main Clubs.

Texas-style Reuben. Angus beef patty piled with house-smoked pastrami, sauerkraut, breaded fried jalapeño, and Texas sauce (Thousand Island) on Texas Toast. Served on Upper Concourse at Smokehouse BBQ Stands, Sections 412 and 442, and Main Concourse at Texas Style Burgers Stands, Sections 202 and 227.

Frito pie dog. All-beef hot dog topped with Texas chili, Fritos chili cheese corn chips, and pico de gallo. Served at Main Clubs.

Gelato cookie sandwich. New this season at Gelato Cookie Sandwich stands, it's an ice cream sandwich with choice of chocolate chip or snickerdoodle cookie, filled with house-made gelato in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, Key lime, or pistachio.