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Top Fort Worth coffee pub spins off cool little brother in hip Dallas 'hood

Top Fort Worth coffee pub spins off cool sibling in hip Dallas 'hood

Brewed in Fort Worth
Lollygag over some coffee, why don't you. Photo courtesy of Brewed

UPDATE: Brewed Ltd. in Bishop Arts opened on March 15, the shop announced on Facebook.


One of Fort Worth's top coffee purveyors is expanding to Dallas, with a spinoff opening in what is arguably one of the city's hottest neighborhoods.

Brewed, the restaurant coffee-pub on Fort Worth's hip Magnolia Avenue, will open a new-concept sibling called Brewed Ltd in Oak Cliff. It'll be located on the ground floor of Novel Bishop Arts, a new luxury apartment building at 101 W. Davis St.

It's scheduled to open in February.

According to co-owner Joey Turner, this represents a special, upscale "limited-edition" version of Brewed with a tighter focus on coffee. Brewed Ltd will serve coffee, tea, waffles, pastries, and select small bites. A few weeks after they open, they'll add beer and wine.

Brewed first opened six years ago in Fort Worth's Historic Near Southside as a place where locals could gather to share a pint or cup of coffee over a great meal.

It has since evolved with more food offerings, with signature dishes such as their mac and cheese chicken and waffle, a decadent item with a waffle made of mac and cheese, topped with fried chicken — all while retaining a warm, inviting atmosphere that feels like an extension of home.

Although the Bishop Arts location won't have a kitchen, co-owner Dayna Corley says they intend to recreate the same "living-room vibe" in Oak Cliff.

"Much of our inspiration for the flagship Brewed actually came from spending time in this neighborhood," Corley says. "Our team held countless brainstorming sessions during Brewed's dream phase, and we were impressed by the sense of community and collaboration in Bishop Arts."

Part of that collaboration extended to partnering with Shane Spillers, who owns Eno's Pizza Tavern and who is a partial owner in Brewed, as well. Spillers brings first-hand knowledge of the Oak Cliff scene.

"Our team is excited to partner with and highlight local vendors such as Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters, to offer customers the best of what this community has to offer," he says.

They'll also serve as a kind of morning depot for the Novel building, which has 302 units and a built-in audience.

Turner says they hope that Brewed Ltd will fill a niche currently unfilled. "We hope to be a place where you can have your coffee and linger afterwards, like a true coffee shop."