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Gourmet pop stand stakes out cool new Southlake spot

Gourmet pop stand stakes out cool new Southlake spot

Steel City Pops
Steel City Pops is opening a location in Southlake. Photo courtesy of Steel City Pops

Ice cream on a stick will come to Southlake with the debut of another branch of Steel City Pops, opening at Park Village. The gourmet frozen pop stand will go into a new space in the flourishing complex, across from REI, the sporting goods store.

A spokesperson for the chain confirmed that construction on the Southlake location has already begun and that the store will open in spring 2017.

Steel City Pops sells gourmet pops made from all-natural and local ingredients. It was founded in Alabama and came to Texas in 2014, when it opened its first location on Greenville Avenue. It also has outlets in Kentucky.

The chain has done really well in North Texas, with three branches in Dallas at Greenville Avenue, Casa Linda, and Garland; and three more locations in Fort Worth, including West Seventh District, on the TCU campus, and at the new Waterside complex in southwest Fort Worth. Outside of North Texas, there are branches in Austin, Houston, and Waco.

It doesn't hurt that they offer a diverse selection of flavors in two categories, fruity and creamy, and that their flavors are inventive and gourmet.

Creamy flavors are rich like ice cream and include options such as white chocolate, coffee, and rum raisin. The fruity flavors are like sorbet, in options such as strawberry lemonade, pomegranate, and plum with rosemary.

In addition to frozen pops, they also serve espresso-based drinks and a special hot chocolate series, in a variety of flavors that include regular, amaretto, and mint.

Steel City joins a thriving community of eateries at Park Village that includes Gloria's, Luna Grill, Malai Kitchen, Modern Market, and Taverna Rossa.